AHP Merkle GmbH will not issue any individual minimum wage declarations. We have always paid all employees in accordance with the statutory regulations at AHP Merkle GmbH. Furthermore, we instruct our subcontractors to comply with the statutory compensation regulations.

However, we are not prepared to burden ourselves with the bureaucracy associated with issuing a minimum wage declaration: Our signing of a minimum wage declaration also requires any subcontractors employed by us to sign such a minimum wage declaration. Minimum wage declarations often include an obligation to present e.g. time sheets or payrolls as evidence of compliance with the minimum wage requirement. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, disclosure of the personal data contained herein to third parties is prohibited without the consent of the employees concerned. Declarations of consent would have to be submitted by the employees. That is the reason why we refuse to sign a minimum wage declaration.


Christen Merkle,

General Manager, AHP Merkle GmbH