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...3 questions for Christen Merkle

1. Mister Merkle, you joined your father’s company in 1988. When did you realise that you would become his successor?

this was certainly a gradual realisation. I was very young when I had the duty and privilege to help my parents in an extremely challenging time. During this period, we got to know each other thoroughly. And we were fighting for a common cause, the survival of the company. This ultimately contributed efficiently to assure our success!

Generally, my dad and I have the same idea of what a company should be, or more specifically: what it means to “be an entrepreneur“. For us, this includes honesty, reliability, high quality, innovation, cosmopolitanism as well as personal hard work.

Yet, this does not mean that our individual strengths are identical. After all, my father is the engineer and I am the businessman. By the way, this is a very fruitful combination, in spite of all the prophecies of doom.


2. How important is communication for the success of the company?

communication is crucial. This was true 40 years ago and has not changed since. The nature of communication has obviously changed a great deal since then.

Back in those days, my dad drove from one client to the next. His sales skills have helped coin the company as much as his great ideas and his technical know-how. This is still an advantage today, albeit not sufficient alone.

These days, the understanding of communication is broader. Our launched three years ago is a state-of-the art sales tool which differs considerably from common product catalogues. And of course, it is also available in several languages and as an app.

The internet is an integral part of communication as well. It contains a lot if not all the information about us. Yet, the personal meeting with customers, wherever it may be, is still irreplaceable today.


3. Where do you see your company 40 years from now?

we are committed to making sure that AHP Merkle continues to exist
for decades
to come. As long as we are able to embody the understanding of entrepreneurship, we will continue to support the company. We at Merkle are one large family. The next generation definitely holds more potential, bolstered by our innovative products in unchanged superior quality, a rock-solid financial foundation and responsible management. This is what it takes to secure the future.

Not lastly, our first-rate employees also play a part in this. We currently have a workforce of nearly 150. Each of them is vital for our future. Therefore, we invest in our employees, by placing above-average emphasis on in-house training. We are now investing into the next stage of construction in Gottenheim - to demonstrate that the future has already begun!

3 questions for... Gerhard Merkle.


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