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For the past 40 years, our creed has been: quality prevails!

We would like to invite you to learn more about the story behind our success.

But before you continue reading, let us introduce to you the faces behind our qualityour team!

A good product is more than the sum of its components.

Perfect service and support are more than a friendly voice. Our quality is our promise to you. 

Almost 150 people are now committed to realising this goal. Not only in our headquarters in Gottenheim, but in nearly 20 international agencies around the globe. 

We would like to thank you
for putting your trust in us.

And we are mighty proud of what
we have achieved in 40 years.




“Our employees have reason to be proud.“

Gerhard and Christen Merkle are talking about AHP Merkle’s recipe for success

How did you establish a company without having any rooms for it? How did you follow your father’s footsteps? How did you relocate to Gottenheim – after 30 years in Hugstetten?

Company founder Gerhard Merkle and his son Christen, who has also been the CEO since 1998, are talking about the transformation of AHP Merkle from an engineering office in the living room to an internationally established medium-sized enterprise. And the reasons why the company continues to produce everything in Germany.

Here you can read the whole interview! 
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» ...Gerhard Merkle
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40 years in 3:30 minutes

What are the origins of AHP Merkle? Our short movie tells the story of our company – amusing, entertaining, informative.


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40 years in a survey

The story so far for you to read. 


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