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40 years AHP Merkle – the story so far 


On 1st April, Gerhard Merkle establishes a company for the development and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders in Gundelfingen, South Baden. His residential property at Thormattenweg serves as first domicile of the company. The factory is in the garage and the office in the living room. Merkle is at once developer, manufacturer and vendor. If he is not inventing new products, he is travelling thousands of kilometres across the country, always accompanied by home-made mud pie from his wife Renate who is also assisting him at the company whenever possible.


Merkle hires his first employee and longstanding chief designer Guenter Pelka. The company relocates into a two-room apartment, still in Gundelfingen.


Because the garage is becoming too tight, Gerhard Merkle is expanding it into a double garage. The small production facility also manufactures customised special cylinders.


The company relocates to March-Hugstetten near Freiburg. A small hall and offices are available here. The product range is gradually growing. Meanwhile, Merkle is also manufacturing short stroke, block, cube and flanged cylinders.


The establishment of the first agency in Switzerland rings in the company’s international focus.


Merkle purchases an additional hall in March-Hugstetten. The product area grows to 250 square meters. A storage facility for raw materials and a sawmill are added.


Christen Merkle, the son of the company founder joins the enterprise and is in charge of the accounting division. Meanwhile, the company has also set up branch offices in Denmark and Portugal. In the next few years, agencies are launched in Holland, Belgium, Sweden and Finland. For the first time, the AHP product catalogue is available on a floppy disk. 


The production area is expanded to 700 square meters with the addition of the third hall at the company’s domicile in March-Hugstetten.


Grand opening of a new agency in Spain. 


On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, the company changes its name to AHP Merkle GmbH. Christen Merkle is promoted to CEO.


By establishing a branch office in the USA, AHP Merkle is setting foot outside of Europe for the first time. In addition, the office space in March-Hugstetten is expanded.


Grand opening of the new office in Hungary. The product catalogue is published in CAD-3D for the first time.


The second hall purchased in 1986 is expanded
to 250 square meters of production area.


The » Renate-Merkle Foundation is established. Aside from supporting regional ventures, it promotes aid projects for disadvantaged Ukrainians.

The company’s website is available in 14 languages.


The grand opening of a branch office in France marks AHP Merkle’s twelfth office abroad. By the year 2008, Hong Kong, Singapore and China have joined the ranks, followed by Italy one year later.


Relocation to Gottenheim near Freiburg. Meanwhile, a production facility for nearly 120 employees has been built on the green meadow under a single roof with a total surface area of 6000 square meters.

The first version of the extensive product catalogue is launched just in time for the relocation. In addition, the first compendium on the topic of hydraulic cylinders entitled ahp.informiert is published.


New branch offices are launched in Korea and Turkey. The is digitally supported and supplemented with the The revolutionary app for hydraulic cylinders provides designers with unprecedented advantages when it comes to the selection and customising of cylinders.  



A new training centre is built in Gottenheim. Two dozen apprentices are currently working at AHP Merkle. The training ratio is close to 20 per cent. The 19th international branch office is launched in India.

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