Our corporate activities are people-centered. We work not just for the sake of profits, but also to secure the quality of life of a large number of people – and to improve it further wherever possible. Internally, this means that responsibility for our employees plays a central role. For example, we train highly qualified, highly sought-after skilled workers, and we provide extensive opportunities for advanced training to ensure that our employees always remain flexible and capable of making decisions. In addition, we support our employees with free membership in fitness studios, employer financed job bikes, and a company canteen in which fresh and varied food is prepared every day.


Internally, the responsibility we have for our employees is paramount here. We have already been relying on in-house training of skilled workers for many years. We acknowledge our responsibility to integrate the next generation in working life.

Within our company, our sense of responsibility is primarily directed towards our employees. We have already been relying on in-house training of skilled workers for many years. In this way, we are laying the foundation for our own children's successful professional careers. We also offer our employees regular training courses, as well as opportunities to further develop themselves and their skills. 

However, our understanding of the word 'responsibility' extends far beyond our direct corporate activities. One example of this is the Renate Merkle Foundation founded in 2002, which implements aid projects for people in disadvantaged regions. Having said that, we never lose sight of the region in which we live. And our Christmas campaign 'Charitable donations instead of gifts' is already an established tradition. Every year, we spend our budget for Christmas gifts on selected social projects. In addition, we sponsor and support regional volunteer work and youth programs.

Protecting the environment is also a major priority at AHP Merkle. Electricity-saving production processes, pellet heating, a solar power system or a CO2-neutral construction method: our energy management system's climate catalogue is both comprehensive and systematic – we want to make a measurable contribution to ensuring an environment that our children will also be able to feel at home in.