Der Wimpel

AHP Merkle GmbH
Nägelseestr. 39
79288 Gottenheim

phone: +49 7665 4208-0
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The person is at the centre of our corporate activities.

We do not solely work for profit. The person is at the centre of our corporate activities.

Internally the major focus is on the responsibility for our employees. For many years now we have been concentrating on our own education and training of employees. We take responsibility for integrating the next generation into professional life.

According to our understanding however, the term "responsibility" extends beyond direct corporate activities. An example of this is the » Renate Merkle Foundation founded in 2002, which implements aid projects for people in disadvantaged regions.

We also think of people in our immediate surroundings. In place of Christmas gifts for our customers, in 2010 we supported institutions and famillies around Freiburg by donating a total sum of Euro 45,000.00.

Renate Merkle Foundation

AHP Merkle supports 
the projects of our senior 
partner and name-giver 
of the foundation

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AHP Merkle sponsors
SC Freiburg, who also
focuses on a sustainable
concept with its
education philosophy

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