• Specially designed for core pulling
  • Maximum operating pressure 250bar
  • Piston diameters 32mm, 40mm and 50mm
  • Ground, hardened and hard chrome plated piston rods
  • During core pulling, the full piston area is available, meaning that a smaller piston diameter is required.
  • Guided through high-precision cross-roller guides
  • End position attenuation on both sides as standard

The Core Pull Unit: The compact power pack

The Core Pull Unit from AHP Merkle is a compact solution for implementing a core pull via a hydraulic cylinder.

It is compact because the Core Pull Unit is far smaller than conventional solutions. Its reverse design enables to apply pressure on the entire piston area. Conventional solutions only permit to apply pressure on the ring area.

The Core Pull Unit therefore generates 1.6 times more power with the same piston dimensions. Choosing this Core Pull Unit will allow you to work with smaller piston diameters in many cases.

The Core Pull Unit comes as a complete unit – the required guides are integrated in the unit. The result is a reduction of the construction length by at least 35% combined with improved handling: the Core Pull Unit is ready for direct installation.