The high injection pressure in die casting and injection molding generates enormous forces to slides and cores.  These can’t always be locked mechanically. This can be achieved with an additional locking hydraulic cylinder.

Such pressure amplified cases are covered by the following calculation.

First, it will calculate with the parameters of the injection pressure and projected area of the core generated force. With this result of the force and with the hydraulic pressure it will calculate the piston diameter.



For the basis of calculation use the following formula:


Essential Formula Parameters:

  •  A = Projected area of core

  • p1 = Internal pressure / injection pressure
  • p2 = Hydraulic system pressure
  • D = Piston diameter




The result will show the calculated piston diameter and the next possible piston diameter. In this calculation a pulling direction or double rod cylinder will not be considered, only that the cylinder will use the full piston surface.