In the operation of hydraulic cylinders, it is a basic rule that the permitted pressure values must not be exceeded, even for a short time. It must be ensured that no pressure spikes occur in the system, either caused by the pump, nor due to external mechanical influences. Otherwise damage may result in the seals or the cylinder.



Pressure spikes due to highly dynamic motions must always be absorbed by means of separate cushioning measures in the cylinder (cushioning) or outside of the cylinder (shock absorbers). It must always be ensured that the momentum of the motion process is NOT dissipated in the end positions of the cylinder. 



In special applications such pressure spikes are unavoidable. Thus, for example, pressure spikes can occur during stamping whose level is many times that of the system pressure. Normal hydraulic cylinders are not suitable in this case; for such applications there are special stamping (block) cylinders that are designed for such extreme loads.