As a general rule, the same general requirements concerning maintenance work apply for hydraulic cylinders as for other machine components. Maintenance work should be performed only by trained, qualified personnel. To prevent damage to the seals and cylinder parts, it is important to always pay attention to cleanness.

When changing seals, there are some important points that must be observed. Scratches, scoring and notches damage seals and reduce their service life. Therefore is also important during maintenance work to make sure not to scratch surfaces or edges, and not to damage the cylinder or seals with impact effects. For safe installation of seals there are corresponding installation sets that can be purchased directly from AHP Merkle.



Complete installation sets for seals can be purchased directly from AHP Merkle:
fon: +49 76 65 42 08-0
fax: +49 76 65 42 08-88



For some cylinders with inductive proximity switches, the switches have to be removed before dismantling. 


Furthermore, there are some essential points that must be observed not only for maintenance work, but also for storage. These include the type of storage and the creation of certain storage conditions on the cylinder, seals and add-on parts, such as degreasing and protection against light, moisture, heat, etc.

It must also be ensured that seals are not stored in the vicinity of adhesives, solvents, fuels, chemicals, acids, disinfectants, or the like. See also DIN 7716 „Rubber products; requirements for storage, cleaning and maintenance“.

Seals CANNOT be stored for indefinite periods. Heat and light additionally speed up material changes.