• As a fundamental rule, only qualified personnel may perform work on hydraulic cylinders. Never open hydraulic systems that are pressurized.
  • Hydraulic systems must be vented completely before being put into operation again or after maintenance work. Dismantled parts and any hydraulic fluid that has been collected or discharged must be disposed of properly.
  • When there is interaction between different hydraulic cylinders, it must be ensured that no forces or pressures are added together unintentionally, which would lead to dangerous situations within the hydraulic system.
  • Hydraulic cylinders may never be subjected to transverse forces. Such forces can be absorbed by means of special cylinder designs with additional external guides.

Any mechanical modifications to hydraulic cylinders require consultation with the manufacturer to ensure that they do not cause any changes to the characteristics or operational limits of the cylinder.



Selected standards:

  • DIN 24343: List for attendance and inspection of hydraulic equipments
  • DIN 24346: Hydraulic systems; general rules for application
  • DIN EN ISO 4413: Safety requirements for fluid power systems and their components