AHP Merkle has been producing hydraulic cylinders for more than 35 years, and can supply spare parts for them even today. This illustrates just how secure an investment these products are, and how long they last. A smoothly-functioning spare parts service is made possible by a clear strategy of building up hydraulic cylinders from modular components, thus using as many similar standard parts as possible.

The simple way in which spare parts are supplied is expressed, for example, when new seals are ordered: most of the spare parts are in stock, and the seal sets can be used for a wide variety of AHP cylinders. That naturally also simplifies stock-keeping at the end customer‘s location, and increases the process reliability of machines and systems.

But other parts for every hydraulic cylinder supplied to date are also available in a very short time.

Before placing a spare parts order, however, there are a few important points that should be clarified in order to obtain exactly the right part. Because one of AHP Merkle‘s specialties is the implementation of individual customer requirements. Thus many standard products are modified by means of individual adaptations.

In short:
The cylinder designation as shown on the delivery note, invoice and rating plate only provides information about the type and size of a cylinder.

Only the part number provides an unambiguous classification of the product. Each part number is used only once, and thus constitutes an unambiguous identifier for the product in question. Therefore the part number should be communicated as a part of the spare parts order – ideally together with the original order, delivery note or invoice. The part number can be found on the rating plate. If it is no longer legible, the part number also appears as an embossed number on every product supplied by AHP Merkle.



Each part number is unique, and thus constitutes the only unambiguous identifier of a product when purchasing spare parts. It can be found on the rating plate and as an embossed number on the product, as well as on the order, delivery note and invoice.
The order number, and is also noted in the embossed number. Quickest way to order spare parts = part number + order number



The fastest and easiest way to order spare parts is to use the article number + order, invoice or delivery note:
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