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Block Cylinders by AHP Merkle

Block cylinders by AHP Merkle are based on our proven and compact cylinder designs.

Our broad product range of block cylinders offers the ideal solution for almost every requirement: Whether you are looking for a special mounting type or a block cylinder with through piston rod and end position cushioning.

Moreover, we supply block cylinders with inductive request in the end position or also integrated over the entire stroke in an adjustable manner. Partly even ex stock!




From the block cylinder with long stroke, the block cylinder with anti-twist protection or the block cylinder with variable system connection and a block cylinder with adjustable position request, block cylinder with inductive proximity switch to block cylinder with mechanical switch and block cylinder for magnetic field sensors – AHP Merkle offers the right hydraulic cylinder for almost every requirement!

The position of the connection, the mounting method and the function type can be combined and ordered individually. Our modular range of products enables easy orientation and allows a simple combination of the required features, such as block cylinders with through piston and end position cushioning, but also block cylinders with inductive request in the end position or integrated over the entire stroke. 

Many other options, such as the selection of the seal type, venting via vent screws, standardized and modified groove dimensions for locking at higher pressures, block cylinders with centering collar and safety thread complete the offer. AHP Merkle offers a wide range of block cylinders. 

However, all block cylinders have one thing in common, they stand for 100% quality in der development, design and manufacture.


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