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Hydraulic Cylinder with external guide (HZF)

  • Maximum operating pressure 160bar
  • Ground, hardened and hard chrome plated piston rods
  • Plasma nitrided cylinder barrel, good guide properties
  • Piston diameters from Ø 63mm to Ø 140mm
  • Floor side flange mounting
  • Attenuation possible, adjustable on both sides 
  • Connection via O-ring seal possible (thereby eliminating the need for piping)
Configuring the cylinder (HZF)



Hydraulic Cylinder with external guide: The convincing combo package

The Hydraulic Cylinder with external guide offers significant advantages for aluminum die casts

The cylinder barrel of the hydraulic cylinder is plasma nitrided and is therefore suitable as a guide. Thus, aluminum die casting moulds with substantially lower dimensions can be realized. Smaller forms occupy less space and burden fewer tons of weight on scales. These characteristics inevitably lead to better handling of the aluminum die casting mould.

However that's not all – the Hydraulic Cylinder with external guide also has a reputation for maintenance and repair. A time comparison reveals: 15 minutes as opposed to 3 hours for maintenance of an alternative aluminum die casting mould. 

Convincing arguments, that demonstrate the positive advantages of the Hydraulic Cylinder with external guide!

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