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Short-Stroke Cylinders by AHP Merkle


Developed specifically for short strokes, short-stroke cylinders convince with their very compact design.

Both types are equipped with a hardened and ground piston rod.




Short Stroke Cylinder (KHZ)

Short-Stroke Cylinders have an external thread along their entire length. Short-stroke cylinders can thus easily be screwed directly into or flanged directly to a device and optimally adjusted.

With the help of the lock nut (included in the package), the hydraulic cylinder can very easily be secured. Both hydraulic ports are arranged axially at the bottom of the cylinder. The short-stroke cylinder is available with piston diameters ranging between Ø25mm and Ø32mm.

Cube Cylinder (WKHZ)

Cube Cylinders are hydraulic cylinders with very small dimensions. If space is limited, Cube Cylinders therefore offer an alternative to Block Cylinders or DIN Standard Cylinders.

Cube cylinders are available with piston diameters ranging between Ø25mm and Ø50 mm and a maximum operating pressure of 400 bar.




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